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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret


Spinus spinus

Almost all of our Siskin captures are at winter and garden feeders. Some years good numbers visit usually January to March, other years they can be quite scarce. Some are captured using audio, this can be quite effective particularly in the passage seasons.

Records:   1000+ birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group; 1967 to 2013

                  15 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere

                  5 birds ringed elsewhere have been recaptured by us.


Distance:  ringed  Aldermaston GPs, Berkshire, UK, 15-Mar-2011

recovered Nidingen, Halland, Sweden 06-Mar-2013

1069 km 1 year 198 days

(Recoveries taken from the BTO website may exceed this)

Longevity: ringed 20-Feb-1995 last captured 23-Feb-1997

                   2 years 4 days  

Siskin breed in the north of the UK and northern Europe; a few breed in the south but in small numbers. They usually start arriving late September feeding in woodland on alder etc for the first half of the winter and are less likely to be seen on feeders. In the second half usually from February onwards they begin to visit garden feeders. Some winters few arrive, presumably due to a poor breeding season and/or the birds preferring to winter elsewhere in Europe.