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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret

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Erithacus rubecola

Robin are a familiar sight to most who notice birds. They are likely to be present in gardens even in the most urban of areas and are found in most habitats with some scrub, hedgerows or higher woodland. Many believe that the same individuals remain throughout the year and many probably do but there is evidence of a constantly changing population in our ringing returns with different individuals holding territory in the same area at various times of the year. Both male and female hold winter territories, possibly displacing our resident population. Passage in the autumn and to a lesser extent in the spring is often apparent.

Robin regularly turn up in our nets, most of our sites holding a few territories throughout the year.

We show two maps; UK and European.

Given the numbers ringed it is surprising how few recoveries we get since we believe that good numbers winter in our area from elsewhere and also the tendency of the species to locate near human habitation.

We also show recoveries found on the BTO website.

Records:    3700+ Robin ringed since 1967 to 2013

17 have been recovered; most are local

None ringed elsewhere recovered by us.

Most recoveries are local, less than 10 km.

Distance:   ringed Bradfield nr Newbury, 13-May-1912

                   recovered Rockanje, Voorne, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, 17-Nov-1914    

361 km

Longevity: ringed 30-Nov-1986 last recaptured 20-Feb-1992  

5 years 65 days