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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret

We regularly capture blackbird in our general ringing activities  but not as frequently as in the recent past. Like many soft-billed birds, recent long periods of dry weather have depleted the population together with the onwards march of urbanisation. Most are recaptured where they have been ringed. Other than this our main source of recovery is death often killed by a cat or a road casualty. There are quite a few European Recoveries showing wintering continentals come to the area.

Records:  4056 birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group 1967 to 2016

                  70 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere (most are local)

4 ringed elsewhere has been recaptured by us

Distance:   ringed: 15-Dec-2013, Greenham Common, Newbury, Berkshire, UK

recovered: 27-Mar-2014, Tylli, Lieto, Turku-Pori, Finland
1788 km 102 days

Longevity: first ringed as an adult male 01-Mar-1981

last captured 13-May-2014

33 years 74 days

The Blackbird is probably the most familiar of the UK’s thrushes to the general public, being present in most gardens and parks at some time during the year and easily recognised. Most are resident with numbers augmented by passage and wintering birds from northern Europe. The resident population is very sedentary, moving a few km if at all in our area; staying in their home range all year.

We have the following maps click to view (Red indicates latest Update);


Turdus merula